Training Options

Visit Team Training

The Consortium's two-day visit team training is designed to prepare participants to serve as members of a visit team conducting a Tri-State evaluation of another member district. The sessions involve an analysis of the Tri-State assessment model, opportunities for district teams to create storyboards that describe the district's work on specific indicators, and a series of simulation exercises that reflect the visit process. Working with protocols that outline the specific stages in each activity, participants review interviewing techniques, examine evidence, and consider the scoring rubric. At the conclusion of the training, participants are given the opportunity to sign up to become members of a Tri-State visit team. The Consortium offers two options for visit team training. The cost of this training is $370 per participant and includes all materials, light breakfast and lunch each day. 

Regional Visit Team Training

The Consortium offers regional training sessions in Connecticut, Long Island, and Westchester (accommodating participants from Westchester, Rockland, and New Jersey). These sessions are held at a location central to the region and can usually accommodate six to eight participants per district. Participants have found that a particular advantage of this version of the visit team training is the interaction with practitioners from other member districts in conversations about teaching and learning that results in a rich professional development experience. The cost of this training is $370 per participant and includes materials and a light breakfast and lunch each day.

District Visit Team Training

At the request of several member districts, we have developed a two-day training session conducted in the member district. This alternative model provides the opportunity to familiarize a large contingent from the district with the Tri-State model. A dozen member districts have chosen this option to date and all of them have found that it served to generate two days of excellent conversation across grade levels and buildings about the district and its work. Using this model we are able to accommodate up to 60 participants. We require a minimum of 21 participants for this training. The cost of this training is $370 per person and includes all materials, light breakfast and lunch each day.

Training to Prepare for Receiving a Visit

Experience has shown that the greater the proportion of the staff that is familiar with the Tri-State model and its visit process, the greater will be the value of the visit to the district. The Consortium offers customized options for visit preparation training. In addition to the course described below, Consortium staff will design district-specific training in advance of the visit. District Tri-State Steering Committees, for example, may request training as the Essential Questions, evidence gathering, schedules for interviews, and student shadowing opportunities are planned.

In-Service Course: "Preparing for the Tri-State Visit"

This in-service course is designed to introduce teachers to the Tri-State model, guide them through a close reading of the assessment criteria, and assist them in the process of identifying and collecting evidence for the visit team. Participating teachers will analyze the language of the model, its specific applications to the classroom, and define the ways that student learning and achievement are observed and enhanced. Involving six two-hour sessions, after school, and open to teachers K-12, the course has a syllabus that includes selected readings. The course is normally offered for one or two in-service credits. The cost of this training is billed at $10.00 per participant per hour.