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08. Shadowing Students

Some team members will shadow students that have been selected by the district coordinator. Here's how it works:

  • The district coordinator chooses students and the Tri-State co-leaders decide which members will shadow them. Typically we shadow two elementary, two middle and two high school students.

  • You will meet your student before class and accompany him/her to the classroom.

  • Your role is to observe the class from your student's perspective. You are not there to evaluate the teacher's performance. This is an opportunity to get a feel for how actively students are engaged in their learning processes. It will also give you a sense of how the curriculum is working from the students' point of view.

  • If the schedule permits, you will have an opportunity to debrief with your student at the end of class and to look at some of the student's work. Take the time to get the student's perspective on how his or her performance has changed over time.

  • Be sure to enter the  information you have brought back from the shadowing experience.