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04. Approach, Implementation, and Results

An approach is a plan or a process put in place by the central office in collaboration with building level leaders. Curriculum maps, K-12, a professional development plan, a technology plan, or a curriculum review process are examples of an approach. The prompt for writing an approach nugget should be "The district..." or "The school...," as in,

  • "The district designed and developed a professional development plan in 2008," or

  • "The high school mathematics department adopted a scoring rubric for use on common assessments  in grades 9-12." or
  • "The middle school"  grade level teams have established specific topics to address in the common planning time provided."  or
  • "The elementary schools" have designed common benchmark assessments in writing, Grades K-5."

An implementation is an example of putting the plan or the process into practice. Most commonly, it is teachers who implement the district's and the school's plans. So the prompt for writing an implementation nugget should be "Teachers...," as in,

  • High school math teachers use of common scoring rubrics on quarterly assessments is evidenced in student work exemplars, grade levels 9-12."
  • "Middle school teachers integrate instructional strategies linked to  workshops on differentiated instruction, as outlined in the district professional development plan," or
  • "Elementary teachers, K-5 are collecting student performance data linked directly to the established common benchmark assessments in writing.

result is the response to the "so what?" question. What difference in student performance is observed as a result of teachers' having implemented the district or school plan? Results require documentation and/or anecdotal information about changes student performance. The prompt for writing a results bullet is "Students...," as in, 

  • "Elementary teachers provide data linked to improved scores on students' unit tests and attributed to the implementation of techniques learned at differentiated instruction workshops," or 

  • "Students in Algebra II report improved performance as a result of the use of the new math scoring rubric."

  • Parents describe continuous growth in student writing linked to the middle school portfolio system.

There is more information on distinguishing between approach, implementation, and results, in Section 5, page 5 of the Resource Handbook.

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