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02. Reviewing Documentary Evidence

A week or two before the visit you will receive electronic copies of the team roster and indicator assignments from the Consortium office. The receiving district also sends information i electronically, and it often includes the Essential Questions, basic data about the district, parking permits, and directions.

When you arrive in the team's work room on the first day of the visit, you will find boxes of documentary evidence organized by indicator, by school or level and, perhaps, by approach, implementation, and results. Each box may include an inventory of the evidence it contains, which can be used as a checklist as you review the evidence. 

Working with your indicator partner/team you will:

  • Review each document in the evidence box
  • Capture pieces of information from the documents as "nuggets," which you enter into the indicator template on your assigned computer
  • Enter the "nuggets" on the indicator template in the "Approach," "Implementation," or "Results" column
  • Keep track of your unanswered questions on a note pad

In the next two lessons we will review the writing of "nuggets" and the distinction between "Approach," "Implementation" and "Results." Later in the course we'll talk about what to do with your unanswered questions.

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