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10. Preparing Recommendations to the Team

Following the consultancy it is time to begin evaluating what you have seen and heard over the last day and a half. The process goes like this:

  1. You and your indicator team partner(s) should begin by reading through all of the nuggets on your indicator template.

  2. In conversation with your team partner(s), construct the"story" of this indicator in the district. What is the district's approach to, for example, performance-based assessment? What plans have they put in place for using performance-based assessments and what was the process by which the plans were constructed? What is your sense of how widely the plans have been implemented? And, finally,the hard question: What evidence have you seen or heard that using these performance-based assessments has made a difference in student performance? 

  3. Next, take a careful look together at the scoring rubric for your indicator in Section 5 of the Resource Handbook.The italicized bullets under each score are benchmarks for the evidence you will need to have seen or heard in order to award that score. Matching up your "story" with the scoring rubric, come to a tentative agreement with your partner(s) on a score for approach, a score for implementation, and a score for results.

  4. Prepare some talking points that you can use as you present your recommended scores to the team during the scoring process. Be able to describe to them the evidence you found to support each of your three scores.