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Student Performance

Indicator #1: Performance-Based Assessment

Educators utilize performance-based assessments that enable students to demonstrate their capacity to transfer and apply knowledge. These assessments demonstrate the degree to which students integrate knowledge, skills, and higher-level thinking both within and across disciplines. Students work is evaluated based on common criteria, and results are analyzed and used over time to inform curriculum and instruction.

Indicator #2: Student Metacognition

Educators design and provide a learning environment that enables students to engage in metacognition continuously and systemically. As a result, students build the capacity over time to assess, reflect upon and make choices that advance their own learning.

Indicator #3: Metrics of Student Performance 

Norm-referenced and criterion referenced tests provide data on student knowledge and higher level thinking. The district has in place a system for collecting, analyzing and disseminating student performance data to teachers and administrators. Teachers and administrators use this data collaboratively to make informed decisions on improved student performance.