Introductory Training Scheduled for 2018 School Year

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What: Introductory Training Session
When: April 30-May 1, 2018
Where: Whitby Castle, Rye NY

Note: This two-day introductory training is open to all member districts. 
Please click here to sign up for training. 


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Meeting site for Study Groups, 2017-18: Whitby Castle, Rye, NY

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Change in Meeting Site:  
  • We will meet at Whitby Castle, 330 Boston Post Road, Rye New York
  • 330 Boston Post Rd


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District Visits 2017-2018

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The Visit Schedule, Fall 2017-2018 is posted!

Click here to sign up for District Visits/Consultancy events. 

Study Groups
The Consortium has convened eight study groups:

    1. Superintendents
    2. Deputy Assistant Superintendents, Directors of Curriculum and Instruction
    3. High School Principals
    4. Middle School Principals
    5. Elementary School Principals
    6. Assistant Principals
    7. Topic-based Study Group focused on 21st Century Skills
    8. Directors of Special Education

Click here for details about study groups.
Click here for the schedule of 2017-2018 study group meetings.

Study Group schedule is posted !

Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents Contact List
Click here for the CT Superintendents contact list - Updated February, 2017

Click here for the NJ Superintendents contact list - Updated February, 2017 

Click here for the NY Superintendents contact list - Updated February, 2017

The "Consultancy" 
A variation on the standard district visit, the "Consultancy" is particularly effective where the district has undertaken a new initiative and is in need of member district collaboration in moving an initiative forward. Read more.

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