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Become a TSC Member

Application process
In January 2007 the Steering Committee adopted a new set of criteria for Consortium membership:

Operational criteria:

  • The district is committed to continuous improvement.
  • The district has a strategic plan (or improvement plan, theory of action, or theory of change).
  • The district is willing to receive external feedback on its work.
  • The district is able to articulate how Consortium membership will advance its plan and contribute to continuous improvement.
  • There is a commitment to Consortium participation that includes stakeholders from all levels.

Performance criteria:

  • The district is committed to the success of students at all performance levels.
  • The district is interested in a systemic approach for the use of  student performance and provides teachers the opportunity to use data in improving their instruction.

The revised application process involves the following steps:

  • Applicant districts will complete a brief self study designed to provide information on the degree to which the district meets the operational and performance criteria listed above.
  • A Membership Committee, consisting of Consortium member district administrators and staff,will meet with the Superintendent and others he/she identifies for the purpose of amplifying the information contained in the self study.
  • The Membership Committee will make a recommendation to the Steering Committee regarding the degree to which the district meets the performance and operational criteria.
  • The Steering Committee will review the self study and the Membership Committee’s recommendation and make its decision based on this information.
  • Please contact Marty Brooks, our Executive Director, for more information.