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Consultancy Model

The Consultancy Model is a two/three day process  that  provides a  member district with feedback in the early stages of adopting and implementing a new program or initiative. It is also a natural fit for districts that are preparing for the triennial three day visit because it is an open  forum for  questions and discussions.  In preparation for the consultancy process ,the Consortium assembles a team of professionals from member districts to engage in conversations with the presenting district. These conversations take the form of interviews, evidence and data analysis, student shadowing, and a final protocol that allows the Tri-State team to offer its suggestions and observations based on the Essential Questions posed.   The goal is to provide the district with the team's best advice about the district's program or initiative. The   consultancy report describes the Tri-State team's observations and suggestions for next steps.  Consultancies are intended to supplement the district's triennial visit cycle, not to take the place of a standard district visit.

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